Arawaza Black Diamond – WKF COMBO Kit


Oficialmente aprobado por la WKF.


2/1504'5" - 4'9"135-145
3/1604'9" - 5'1"145-155
3.5/1655'1" - 5'3"155-160
4/1705'3" - 5'4"160-163
4.5/1755'4" - 5'6"163-168
5/1805'6" - 5'8"168-173
5.5/1855'8" - 5'10"173-178
6/1905'10" - 6'178-183
6.5/1956' - 6'2"183-188
7/2006'2" + 6'4"188-193
7.5/2056'4" +193+

Note: Approximate size chart for a normal weight person. An adjustment of plus or minus a size is necessary for people with additional or less weight than normal.

Size Guide

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Arawaza Black Diamond Premier League COMBO Kit!

The Arawaza簧 WKF Approved Combo kits include two jackets (one Jacket with Red embroidery, one Jacket with Blue embroidery) and one pant.

Black Diamond the highest quality KATA uniform produced by Arawaza in collaboration with the top athletes worldwide.

With fabrics made in Japan, this uniform incorporates the innovative AAIR technology that will release the body heat without compromising the stiffness and the snap effect which are extremely important in any kata uniform.

Coarse on the outside but soft on the inside, the Black Diamond is extremely comfortable against the skin. The specifically adapted body fit design will enhance your stances and will improve your techniques.

Waistband with innovative tie system, brevetted by Arawaza, will support your lower back and keep the trousers it their place virtually eliminating the need for any further adjustment after repeated moves during performance.

If you are searching for absolutely the best Kata uniform on the market, look no further. Black Diamond is simply the only uniform you will ever need to perform at your best.